Cutting Edge Production Technology, founded on our 30.000m² facility. The Strategically chosen location (60km to 2 Major Ports), production capasity over 3 million square meters.

A wide range of produts for different Purposes Grass Leisure, Landscaping…

Chemical Production Plant for Polyurethanes for Athletic Tracks Indoor Sports Flooring and Indoor applications and Constructional Chemicals. R&D department in close relation with worldwide labs. And the best suppliers of the industrie working together to develop the future of the industry. We develop special systems and products to meet the needs of our customers with the high spesification raw materials. We create unlimited solutions fort he at most unusual needs.

We are aware of the fact that we are living in a World with limited sources, we are consuming every source with the reposibilty of the fact is that everything we produce should serve for the best all today and all tomorrow. We are aware that all the products and activities have a global impact on environment. We have our own Environmental Management Syatem certified by ISO 14001. Energy saving and low emissions are the essential components of our Envorinmental Policy. We also choose our suplliers according to these aspects.